Can I book a specific ski / snowboard?

Online you can only book categories and no specific ski or snowboard models. The choice of the ski / snowboard is made directly in our shop in consultation with our employees where you are welcomed to deposit your request and we will do our best to comply with it.

Can I book the ski school in your shop?

Our company is only a sports store and rental. However, there is a ski school in our building which is Freeride Gastein. They offer freeride-guiding and private lessons.

Can I book the storage for a longer / shorter period?

Through our online booking system we can only accept bookings for the given duration. However, you can rent storage for other time periods. The storage is allocated according to the first-come, first-served principle. In addition, one-day storage is allocated according to the same principle.

Can I buy lift tickets in your shop?

No, but you can buy the lift tickets in some hotels, at the lift kassa or online at skigastein.

Can I change my ski / snowboard?

Of course! Without the appropriate material, you cannot fully enjoy the most beautiful runs.

Just come into our shop and we will help you.

How do I cancel my online booking?

We are sorry to hear that you want to cancel your booking. Please send us an email and we will take care of your booking. If you only want to change details of your booking, it would be best to do this directly in our shop.

How do I find your shop?

Our shop is located right next to the Stubnerkogel valley station in Bad Gastein. In addition, we also operate a branch in Sportgastein, directly in the valley station of the Goldbergbahn. The exact locations can be found here.

How does the ski depot work?

The ski depot offers storage for skis, poles and boots or snowboard and boots. The space will be assigned and shown to you by our employees. Overnight, heated dryers ensure dry boots the next morning. During the ski day you can deposit your street shoes. There are additional lockers for small items and valuables.

For our rental guests (ski, snowboard) a space is available in our storage for free.

I booked online. What are the next steps?

Thank you for choosing us. Usually, you should have received a confirmation of reservation via email from us. Please show us this confirmation on the day you rent (paper or smartphone). Our staff members will then explain the exact process.

I will arrive with a group. What do I have to do?

We are delighted to welcome you to the beautiful Gastein valley. Groups with more than 10 people are eligible to receive special group discounts. Please contact us via email.

Is my equipment in the ski depot insured?

Outside the opening hours of our ski depot your equipment is insured. However, this does not aply during our opening hours.

Is the rental equipment insured?

Basically, all rental items are insured against normal wear and tear. In case of theft, loss, breakage or if the equipment is irreparable you need to pay a decutible if no rental insurance was added. The details can be found here.

My boots do not fit. What can I do?

A good fitting boot is essential for skiing and having a great time on the mountain. However, only while being on the slopes you will notice whether the boots fit properly or not. If they do not fit, please visit our shop and we will change the model.

The family bonus was not considered when booking online?

Yes, that is true. Unfortunately, this is not possible with our current online booking system. If you have already booked, we will reinburse you when picking up your equipment.

The online booking does not work. What can I do?

There are several reasons why the online booking and in particular the payment can not be completed. In most cases, it just helps to try again. If it still does not work please try the following:

  • update your browser,
  • please visit our website in another browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, …),
  • try using another device or another credit card.

If the problem persists, please send us an email with a screenshot of the error message and a brief description. We will then check if your booking and payment was successful.

What brands do you carry?

To provide the right things for everyone, our sports shop offers a wide assortment of brands in winter sports and winter fashion. The same applies to our ski rental, which is one of the most diverse in Austria with 13 ski brands and countless models. A detailed overview of our current brand portfolio is available here.

What means of payment are accepted?

We accept cash payment in Euro (EUR), VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro.

What types of service / repairs can be carried out?

Our service professionals are true experts with years of experience. Scratches, dull edges or a wrong base structure are no problem for us. Also, special edge angles or ski base structures are possible on request. Prices and details can be found here.

Pressure points in your ski boots or aching soles? The you are at the right place! We can widen your boots properly to eliminate pressure points. Furthermore, individually formed insoles assist your foot optimally in the ski boot and give the right support.

The skins of your touring skis are no longer good or you want skins for your freeride skis? No problem, we cut skins directly to your ski. We also offer individual repairs, e.g. ski binding breaks, ski boot buckles or straps for snowboard bindings if the right spare parts are in stock.

If you like, we can also mount your bindings. For rare bindings, please take a photo and contact us via email.

Which category is the right one for me?

This is probably the most important questions! In general, the choice of the category is very individual and depends on our skills and requirements.

Our Comfort class offers easy-to-drive all-round skis. Therefore, this class is best suited for beginners to slightly advanced skiers. Also, money-savers are right in this category, because our quality requirements also guarantee for ski with wooden core.

The Sport class is, so to speak, our allrounder. Here you will find skis for the middle skiers up to the experts. Whether it is slalom, all-mountain, freeride or twin tip, from upper mid-range to the top model, everyone will find the right skis for themselves in this category.

For ski lovers and sporty riders, we offer hand-made skis from St├Âckli in our Exclusive class. In our opinion, the highest perfection in the ski industry. If you prefer a classy skiing style then choose the elegant variant with Volant.

Do you still have any questions?

We have tried to cover as many questions as possible. If your question was not listed or not answered adequately, please send us an email. We will endeavour to answer your request as soon as possible.