Since the 17th century the name Schober has been associated with the Gastein valley. Our history however, began a little later – in 1987. At that time the Stubnerkogel valley station in Bad Gastein was newly built and Sport Schober was founded. Initially, we started with the of 350 pairs of rental skis and a small ski depot only.

Right from the beginning innovation and quality were important to us. In the first year, we put the most modern grinding machine of the Gastein valley into operation. The following years we experienced an upward trend with steadily rising demands. In order to meet the requirements, we continued to develop and invest sustainably. With the sale of skis, shoes and high-quality accessories we extended our range.

In 1993, when the Goldbergbahn was newly built in Sportgastein, we set up a small branch store, right at the valley station Sportgastein. There you can find a small rental, a service station and we also offer a selection of accessories.

At the end of the 90s our facilities in Bad Gastein quickly became too small due to the high demand. Therefore, the business premises as well as our product range were expanded in 2000. Today only our depot is located in the old premises – which is hard to believe considering that everything (sports shop, rental and service station) was accommodated there before.

Best service and high quality are important to us as much as commitment and responsibility for our home. For instance, Johann Schober Senior, Managing Director of the Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG, supported not only the reafforestation as an avalanche protection, but was also responsible for the merger of the skiing region in the Gastein valley.

Johann Schober continues this bond to the Gastein valley as supporter of numerous local clubs and associations. With the addition of the newly constructed premises in 2011, located directly next to the also reconstructed Stubnerkogel valley station, an impulse was created for the next years.